You will never destroy another innocent world!

—Allura, in "Blackout"

Princess Allura is the princess of planet Altea, daughter of King Alfor, and one of the last remaining members of the Altean race. She has been asleep within the Castle of Lions along with Coran for ten thousand years, and serves as the commander of Team Voltron until Zarkon's initial defeat and Shiro's mysterious disappearance, when she overtakes piloting the Blue Lion.


Allura has the appearance of a slender, young, and humanoid woman with dark skin and long, curly white hair. As an Altean, her ears are pointed at the top rather than rounded, and she has small sickle-shaped marks of pink situated on her cheekbones, right under each of her bright blue eyes. The pupils of her eyes have a noticeable lavender color in the center of them. Allura usually keeps her long bangs pulled back out of her face to reveal the gold circlet she wears that has a teal embellishment in the center; her hair is long enough to reach her hips, but when donning her space suit, she is able to tuck her hair into a neat bun. She wears a pair of purple earrings that dangle from her ears with no drawn attachments.

In her Paladin armor, Allura's uniform mirrors her fellow Paladins but with pink accents - a color Alteans wear to honor fallen warriors.[2] Apart from Paladin armor, Allura has her own space suit of unknown material, though it does not appear to be made of separate sections and intended for battle like Paladin armor.

Her suit is white at the upper torso down to her stomach, accented with pink at her ribcage and suit collar. A pink Voltron "V" symbol is displayed prominently at her chest. The suit is further white at the arms as well as the legs from the mid-thighs down, which are also accented with pink across the mid-thighs and just under her kneepads. The suit is black at the armpits and hands, as well as the sides of the torso down through her upper thighs. Her black "gloves" apparently can be removed while wearing the suit.

There is blue accenting her suit's soles along with black, blue decoration protruding from her suit's hips, and blue accents between her shoulders and suit collar. At her wrists are large protruding cuffs; the suit has the glowing Altean blue at its cuffs and shoulders. The helmet she wears is white to match the suit with pink and Altean blue accents.

When she is not in her space suit, Allura wears a formal royal gown as a princess. The bodice of her dress is blue accented at the chest and waist with gold. The bodice is white at the neckline and sleeves, which at her forearms are decorated with gold, then becoming long light-blue sleeves with gold bracelets on each wrist. The skirt of her dress is white and lined with pink at the hem; she has a long stretch of light blue cloth hanging over her skirt between her hips from the bodice down.

Allura wears a blue cape lined with gold that snugly wraps around her shoulders and flows behind her back, reaching her calves in a split, winged design. The inside of her cape is pink and lined with white, and the collar of her cape is decorated with an Altean blue mark on each side. Underneath her dress, Allura appears to wear white boots with gold ankles and soles.


You five Paladins were brought here for a reason. The Voltron Lions are meant to be piloted by you and you alone. We must fight and keep fighting until we defeat Zarkon. It is our destiny. Voltron is the universe's only hope. We are the universe's only hope.

—Allura, in "The Rise of Voltron"

The princess of Altea carries herself with poise, authority, and a driven will to defend the universe from evil. She values diplomacy and kindness, acting as polite as possible so as not to offend others even when uncomfortable,[3][4] and strives to uphold the Paladin code to help all those in need,[5] but ultimately has her sights set on a war path of justice to defeat Zarkon. She can be quite stubborn and brutal to see her goals met. Her motivation is personal as well as serving the greater good: Allura has a severe distrust and hatred of Galrans seeded in her heart because of Zarkon's betrayal of her father Alfor, and the subsequent annihilation of her planet and race by the Galra Empire.

She has buried her suffering and fears to portray herself as a collected leader, and goes to great lengths to sacrifice her personal interests, health, and safety for the greater good.[6][7] She will readily throw herself into the midst of battle to either save those caught in the throes, or to join combat herself, ignoring all advice otherwise. Her bitterness rears its head when the prospect of working with Galrans to defeat Zarkon arises, only agreeing to an alliance with the Blade of Marmora for the greater good, and when she learns of Keith's Galran heritage. Allura shuns the Red Paladin for some time until she overcomes her anger, realizing her hatred only causes more pain and that Keith is her new-found family: the same family she considers the rest of the Voltron team.

Allura truthfully has a kind heart, and her desire to protect others extends to the point of withholding information from her allies, such as refusing to tell the new Paladins about Zarkon's former role as the Black Paladin because she wants to protect her friends from the "dark history" of the past. Allura remains as the commanding leader of the team, but is learning to open up more to the Paladins and share the burden of defending the universe with all of them rather than bearing it alone. It is this fortitude and refusal to stand idle as others risk their lives that leads the princess to join the Paladins in battle as a Paladin herself and pilot the Blue Lion.[2]


As an Altean, Allura exhibits the ability to alter her form by increasing her height and turning her skin a different color. She can only change one color at a time, and cannot change into other shapes, but her ability is thorough enough to cause Galra technology to recognize her as Galran when disguising herself as one.[7] Contrary to her slender form and official stats, Allura has a substantial amount of strength, able to toss Shiro clear across a room, drag Zethrid with her whip, smash through a metal door, and hold metal doors shut while Sentries are forcing it open. She is also skilled with using a polearm weapon and has a tremendous amount of close-combat prowess.[8]

Following her status as a Paladin, she uses the Blue Bayard in the form of an energy whip that can slash and ensnare opponents.[9] Like other Paladins, the armor she dons enables her to form an energy shield for defense and contains a jetpack for briefly sustained flight.

Her Altean energy coupled with her ability to channel and harness Quintessence allows Allura to utilize Teludav devices to create wormholes for the Castle of Lions and Voltron Lions to travel through, as well as perform as great a feat as healing an entire dying Balmera planet.[10][11][12] Using this ability too much will exhaust and weaken Allura for some time, forcing her to rest. Her advisor, Coran, is constantly worried the strain she undergoes could kill her. Allura's ability has manifested itself as a defensive and offensive magic during battle, seemingly nullifying Haggar's dark magic, purifying it, and using it against the witch - although this is a recent development the princess is inexperienced in using.[8] Allura is shown able to experience repeated flow of time and recall the events of the previous time flow; Coran, notably, does not appear to share this ability.[13]


  • Allura's earrings function as a communication device among herself, the helmets of the Paladins, and the Castleship.[14]
  • Allura's exact age is unknown. She has been described as being a teenager.[16][10] Due to Coran's age being at least 600 years old,[17] proving the long lifespan of Alteans, it is not known if Allura is truly 19 years old or younger, or simply the Altean equivalent of a human teenager.
  • Allura was given an energy whip as a Bayard weapon simply because it looked cool and series staff wanted something other than a sword or gun.[18]
  • The helmet given to Allura by Zarkon when she was an infant is intentionally mirrored after the helmet worn by Lotor of Defender of the Universe.[19][20]
  • Allura is based on the character Allura of the previous Voltron franchises, who in turn was based on the character Fala of Beast King GoLion.


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