Alteans are a species of alien race native to planet Altea. They are ruled previously by King Alfor


They are aliens nearly identical to humans of Earth. Defining Altean features are pointed ears and sickle-shaped markings on each cheekbone, as well as pupils with a colored speck in the center. The markings vary in color by individuals, as do hair, eye, and skin color. The royal family is known to have a trait of silver hair in its bloodline. It is possible for Alteans to alter their appearance by adjusting their height and turning their skin a different color. They can only change one color at a time, and cannot change into other shapes, but this ability is thorough enough to cause Galra technology to recognize Allura as Galran when disguising herself as one.[1]


The culture of Alteans remains largely unknown, but they appeared to be a morally-straight, well-intentioned race that valued diplomacy, protection of allies, and peace.[2][3] Their currency was called "groggeries" which came in the form of Altean crown bills and was used by more races than their own.[4] The groggery was named after "King Groggery the Infirm" and had his face printed on the bills.[5]

Alteans are shown to have a long lifespan; Coran explains that the Castle of Lions is 10,600 years old by the time the human Paladins arrive on Arus, and states he was alive at the time his grandfather was building the Castleship.[6][7] This places Coran's age around 600 years old at the very least. He is considered "later in life" or old for an Altean.[8]

Altean energy is used to power teludav devices built with scaultrite and create wormholes for spacecrafts to traverse vast distances of space, but only a few Alteans were capable of this feat;[5] the only living Altean known with this ability is Allura. Altean energy also has immense healing properties and was once used by designated "Sacred Alteans" to restore Balmera in a rejuvenation ceremony after Power Crystals were extracted from the living planets to provide a mutually beneficial relationship; King Alfor was one of these Sacred Alteans.[7][9] Allura's energy allows her to restore a dying Balmera simply by contact.[9] Her energy has manifested itself as defensive and offensive magic as well.[10] It is unclear if her abilities are because of her royal bloodline, or would be possible for other Alteans.


Known Alteans


  • Alteans can suffer from a harmless condition known as "the slipperies", where their bodies excrete extremely slick fluid to such an extent that walking is nearly impossible, as the Altean will likely slip, fall, and slide instead.[8] The condition is common for Alteans of older age and usually only lasts a couple of days.[8]
  • "Sloven-day-ho" is Altean for "gone".[8]



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