Alternate realities are different realities that exist side-by-side with one another, unable to be crossed under normal circumstances. They each contain their own histories, and may be similar to each other or completely different.

Known Properties

Alternate History

Currently, alternate realities are known to share both similarities and great differences, much like a skewed mirror.[1] Sven, who exists in a reality outside of the core reality, is recognizable as Shiro in appearance, but speaks with a heavy accent and bears a different name and history.[1] In the same reality, an alternate Slav appears with similar appearance and voice, but a different personality and history of the known Slav.[1] This reality contains an oppressive Altean Empire created by Empress Allura to avenge her father and defeat Zarkon before he can begin his own empire, suggesting it is somewhat a deviation of the core reality and shares much of the basic history before then.[1]


Alternate realities long existed in theory, but were not proven until a Trans-Reality Comet crashed into Daibazaal.[2] Two trans-reality comets are known to exist and have been seen as massive pieces of ore black in color and glowing with blue Quintessence. They are so heavily infused with the substance that they act as their own power source.[2] The ore of these comets has a unique trans-reality nature that allows the creation of rifts and safe passage between realities for any spacecraft created from a comet.[1][2]


When a Trans-Reality Comet collides with a celestial body such as a planet, it can cause a rift to open in its wake on the planet's surface, leading to the layer between realities where an immeasurable amount of Quintessence resides.[2] Over time, the presence of a rift will trigger a planet's slow collapse and destruction, evident from increasingly frequent earthquakes.[2] A comet can inexplicably create a rift in the void of space on its own as well, which will instantly kill any living creatures caught in the incident with the unfathomable amount of energy released, but may leave a spacecraft holding them intact, if caught within the rift.[1] These rifts radiate pure Quintessence.[1]

Mysterious creatures of darkness also existed within the rift, and were the only creatures able to safely pass between realities.[2] These creatures led to the complete corruption of Zarkon and Honerva.[2]



  • Slav has done extensive study into alternate realities to the point that he is overcome with paranoia and mentions them constantly.