Arusians are a species of alien race native to planet Arus. They are ruled by the Arusian King and their planet served as the resting place for the Castle of Lions for at most 10,000 years.


Arusians are small bipedal aliens with two or more curved brown horns. They appear furless, tend to be pale in color, and have thick tails. Each Arusian has four fingers and four long toes; their toes are dexterous enough that they can move across the ground just by moving their toes alone.[1] There is very little to no apparent sexual dimorphism among the species.

Arusians tend to have colorful markings along each of their arms and legs, with two markings on either side of their face.


The Arusian culture appears to be a primitive one with little advanced technology. They have a basic political structure and small organized military, in that they have a king and his subjects, as well as a class of warriors, all who live in a village by "Gazrel Hill".[1] The village consists of small houses made of stone with round roofs; most these buildings encircle a large open dirt plaza serving as the village market. Most of the Arusian lifestyle seems to be based in gathering food, farming, and religious worship.

Arusians believe in the "Lion Goddess" that "the ancients" spoke of, images of which have been carved around the Castle of Lions.[1] The Arusians are so fearful of the Goddess that if they believe she is angered, they decide they must willingly burn themselves alive in sacrificial fires to appease her as punishment for their sinful ways.[1] They believe Voltron is a "mighty robotic angel" sent to destroy them.

The typical attire for an Arusian is a simple tunic or dress in earthy tones of orange, yellow, brown, and green. Some Arusians wear shorts, others a cloak over their tunic or dress. They do not utilize any kinds of shoes. The king wears teal attire accented with gold.

Known Arusians

Arusian King