Balmera are massive ancient, petrified creatures that have become inhabitable planets. Their bodies naturally create a variety of Crystals used as power sources for spacecrafts. 10,000 years ago, Alteans believed Balmera were sacred beings meant to be respected and repaid for providing Power Crystals, so they were restored with Quintessence in return, creating a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship. Healthy Balmera are able to create Crystals at will.[1]

Balmera X-95-Vox

Balmera X-95-Vox is a Balmera located close to Arus, in the Javeeno Star System situated way on the fringes of the Galra Empire, and has a nearby asteroid belt called the Zolar asteroid belt.[2][3][4] By the time Team Voltron arrives, the people of Balmera X-95-Vox are under the control of the Galra Empire and have been ordered to mine the valuable Crystals produced by the Balmera to such an extent that the Balmera itself is on the verge of death, as the Empire only takes and does not return any Quintessence to the creature. The Balmera is found as barren rocky and brown surface riddled with holes and mining shafts.

Once the Paladins of Voltron free the Balmerans from the Empire's tyranny, and Allura uses her energy and the Castle of Lions to heal the Balmera and save its life, the Balmera flourishes again with shimmering white Crystals covering its surface.

It originally had at least two moons, but they are destroyed by Drazil when the Robeast reawakens in a more powerful form.[5]


Balmerans are a humanoid species inhabiting Balmera that are somewhat reptilian in nature, and it is not known whether the Balmera itself spawns them or if they are a race that once colonized Balmera in the distant past and now natively live on them. They appear to possess substantial strength as they are able to move an Altean flight pod and also carry a Battle-Class Crystal with ease, whereas Coran could not even move a Crystal an inch without severely injuring himself. Balmerans, at least those of Balmera X-95-Vox, are a peaceful and passive race that is incredibly family-oriented, preferring to avoid conflict and accept the Galra Empire's reign. They are able to communicate with the Balmera they live on as well as with each other through vibrations sent and felt throughout the creature, and thus are able to feel the Balmera's suffering.

Known Balmerans




  • Balmera X-95-Vox is located in a territory under the jurisdiction of Sendak.[4]
  • It is unknown how strong the Crystals are. The Power Crystal held in the Castle of Lions shatters due to an explosion,[2] but later on it is seen that the Crystals are dense enough to pass through the Drazil's body and armor effortlessly while encasing it.[1]
  • Communicating with vibration is also known as Seismic Communiction where it requires the sender, a messenger, and its recipients.


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