Balmerans are a species of alien race native to the Balmera X-95-Vox that is ruled by the Galra Empire.


Balmerans are large, bi-pedal aliens that are somewhat reptilian in nature with various gray-toned skin covered in bumps on their shoulders, forearms, and legs. Balmerans have no apparent nose, but do have the likeness, and have completely yellow eyes; their scalps appear to be harder material than their skin, darker in color, and reaching as low as their jawline while also lining the center of their face. They usually have two or more horns on the top of their head as well as a horn on each side of their jaw, differing in color from their face and scalp. Their scalp protrudes at either side of their face. Balmerans have two toes on each foot, four clawed fingers on each hand, and a tail that can range from being long enough to drag on the ground to being short and stubby.

It is not known whether the Balmera itself spawns Balmerans or if they are a race that once colonized Balmera in the distant past and now natively live on them. They are able to communicate with the Balmera they live on as well as with each other through vibrations sent and felt throughout the creature, and thus are able to feel the Balmera's suffering.[1][2][3] Balmerans appear to possess substantial strength as they are able to move an Altean flight pod and also carry a gigantic Battle-Class Crystal with ease.[1]


Balmerans, at least those of Balmera X-95-Vox, are a peaceful and passive race that is incredibly family-oriented, preferring to avoid conflict and accept the Galra Empire's reign. They do not appear to have any designated leader. Under the Empire's reign, they work as slaves mining the Balmera's Crystals to detrimental levels, living below the surface of the planet and using campfires to keep warm while eating small bugs and plants inside the caverns.[1] In the past, Balmerans allied with Alteans and performed a ceremony to grant an Altean one of the planet's Crystals, using Altean energy to restore the planet with Quintessence in return.[1][3]

Once freed from the Empire, the Balmerans return to roaming the planet's surface as a thriving society. Balmeran clothing typically consists of a short-sleeved tunic fastened with cloth belt over a shirt that is either sleeveless or long-sleeved; the clothing is usually either green, blue, or purple and accented in yellow. Balmerans wear decorative cloth wrapped around their ankles or arms. Some Balmerans tend to wear hooped or chained jewelry from the two protrusions of their scalp.

Known Balmerans





  • Allura can use an ability similar to Balmerans, able to communicate through a Balmera itself to Balmeran residents by speaking while touching part of the Balmera.[3]
  • Communicating with vibration is also known as Seismic Communiction where it requires the sender, a messenger, and its recipients.