Balmerans are a species of alien race native to planet Balmera.


Balmerans are a humanoid species inhabiting Balmera that are somewhat reptilian in nature, and it is not known whether the Balmera itself spawns them or if they are a race that once colonized Balmera in the distant past and now natively live on them. They appear to possess substantial strength as they are able to move an Altean flight pod and also carry a Battle-Class Crystal with ease, whereas Coran could not even move a Crystal an inch without severely injuring himself.


Balmerans, at least those of Balmera X-95-Vox, are a peaceful and passive race that is incredibly family-oriented, preferring to avoid conflict and accept the Galra Empire's reign. They are able to communicate with the Balmera they live on as well as with each other through vibrations sent and felt throughout the creature, and thus are able to feel the Balmera's suffering.


Known Balmerans




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