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[dramatic music playing]

Shiro: We've gotta act fast. The power will only be down for 20 minutes. The Blade of Marmora's schematics showed four targets we need to hit. The weapons systems, the engines, the bridge, and the shield generators. Now, let's put an end to Zarkon, once and for all.

ALL: Yeah! 

Shiro: Form sword! 

Zarkon: I want weapons systems activated immediately! Restart the entire crystal core manually if you have to! 

Haggar: Our ship may be without power, but we are not. I can use the komar to draw the quintessence directly from Voltron, rendering him lifeless.

Zarkon: It is time I face Voltron myself.

Haggar: No, lord! It is certain death! 

Zarkon: Today, the Black Lion will be mine.

Haggar: Your obsession with the Black Lion is clouding your judgment! You must not go out there! Hurry! We need to protect our emperor.

Shiro: Hit the engine systems! 

Allura: [grunts] We've done it. This is the end of Zarkon's reign.

Coran: Yes, Princess.

[alarm blaring] 

Zarkon: Ready my armor.

Scientist: But, lord, it has never been successfully tested. To do-- [screams, groans] 

Haggar: Begin the ritual! 

Shiro: Stay focused. We've neutralized the engines. Let's target the bridge.

Haggar: Ready... 

Lance: What is that? 

Kolivan: Oh, no.

Haggar: Attack! 

Allura: No! 

ALL: [screaming] 

Haggar: [moans] It's pure quintessence! [breathing heavily] [sighs] 

Coran: Paladins! Can you hear me? 

[comms static] 

Coran: I thought the virus shut down all of Zarkon's power! 

Allura: That blast was not from the ship's weapons. It was magic.

Kolivan: It must have been the komar. Zarkon has been trying to develop a device to extract the quintessence from planets. It appears he succeeded.

Coran: If it destroys planets, what did it do to the paladins? 

Allura: Paladins! Shiro! Can you hear me? 

[comms static] 

Shiro: Yes, Princess. We're alive.

Coran: Oh, thank the ancients! 

Allura: Is Voltron operational? 

Hunk: It's not working.

Keith: [grunts] I can't move my lion.

Coran: You've been hit with some kind of witchcraft that draws the quintessence out of you. You need to get out of there! Another blast like that and you may not survive! 

Lance: Wait. What's that? 

Allura: You must get moving. Remember your training. Remember all the battles you've been through.

Shiro: [grunts] Voltron's still not responding. [groaning] [sighs] It's Zarkon.

Allura: We must buy them more time. Get us in closer. Divert all power to our weapons system.

Coran: What? Princess, we'll be defenseless! 

Allura: It's the only way. Listen to me. You are true paladins now. Connect with your lions, reach out to each other! Fight! This cannot end now! Fire! 

Allura: [gasps, screams] 

Shiro: Allura! Everybody, listen. We have to fight. We have to channel all our energy. Visualize five becoming one. We have to focus everything we have into moving Voltron.

Keith: [takes deep breath] 

Shiro: We are the last thing standing in the way of Zarkon's total universal domination. I'm not giving up that fight! Are you, Hunk? 

Hunk: No.

Yellow Lion: [roars] 

Shiro: Pidge? 

Pidge: Never! 

Green Lion: [roars] 

Shiro: Lance? 

Lance: Let's go down swingin'.

Blue Lion: [roars] 

Shiro: Keith? 

Keith: I'm all in.

Red Lion: [roars] 

Shiro: Then let's get Voltron back in this battle.

Zarkon: Now, I will take back what is mine! 

Haggar: Summon the energy again! We must fight beside our emperor! 

Shiro: All right, let's hit him with the big guns. Hunk, form shoulder cannon! Fire! 

Haggar: Attack! 

Shiro: Look out! 

ALL: [scream] 


Coran: Oh... Huh? Princess! [grunts] Are you all right, Princess? 

Allura: [sighs] I'm fine. How badly is the Castle damaged? 

[alarm blaring] 

Coran: Our power levels are decimated. Communications aren't working. We can't reach the paladins. I'm afraid we can't fight anymore.

Allura: We cannot give up.

Slav: [grunting] Did we win yet? 

Allura: Coran, you and Slav do what you can to get the Castle functioning again. Kolivan, can you get me to the komar? 

Kolivan: It will be dangerous, but I know a way.

Allura: You and Antok come with me.

Antok & Kolivan: [grunt] 

Allura: We're going to have to attack the witch directly if we hope to stop that thing. Coran, the bridge is yours.  

Coran: No! You've been weakened by operating the teludav. You can't face Haggar directly! 

Allura: We don't have a choice.


Pidge: We've never faced anything this powerful before.

Shiro: One way or another, this may be our last battle. We've got to give everything we have. Dig deep and fight! 



Druid 1: [screams] 

Allura: [grunting] 

Druid 2: [screams] 

Haggar: [growling] Attack! 

Zarkon: This is my time to reclaim the Black Lion. Nothing can stop me.

Shiro: [grunting] He's trying to control my lion. I can feel him in my mind.

Keith: Fight it, Shiro! 

ALL: [yelling] [screaming] 

Zarkon: You should have fled like your predecessors. Now, the time of the Voltron Paladins is finished.

Keith: Shiro! Shiro! Something's wrong with Shiro. Guys, we can't let Zarkon get the Black Lion.

Antok: [grunting] 

Allura: [grunting] 

Antok: [grunting] 

Druid 3: [grunts] [groans] 

Allura: [grunts] [gasps] 

Antok: [grunting] 

Druid 4: [grunts] 

Antok: [grunts, screams] [groaning] [gasps] 

Kolivan: [screams] Antok! 

Antok: [breathing heavily] 


Pidge [faint]: Keep Zarkon away from the Black Lion! 

Keith [faint]: Come on! We can't give up! 

Hunk: I'm running out of strength, man.

Lance: Look out! 

Keith: [screaming] 

Pidge: [screaming] 

Shiro: [groaning] 

Hunk, Keith, Lance, Pidge: [grunting] 

Keith: [screaming] 

Hunk: [screams] 

Pidge: Hunk! 

Black Lion: [growling] 

Hunk, Keith, Lance, Pidge: [grunting] 

Shiro: [breathing heavily] [grunting] 

Black Lion: [roars] 

Zarkon: [gasps] 

Shiro: [breathing heavily] 

Lance: Whoa... What did you do? 

Shiro: I've got Zarkon's bayard.

Keith: You mean you've got your bayard. We've only got a few minutes left before power returns to Zarkon's ship. Form Voltron! 

[Forming Voltron sequence]


Druid 4 & Kolivan: [grunting] 

Allura: [grunting] 

Haggar: [grunting] 

Allura: [panting] [grunting] 

Haggar: [grunts] 

Allura: [grunts] 

Haggar: [groaning] [groaning continues] 

Allura: [gasps] You're Altean

Haggar: [yells] 

Allura: [grunting] 

Haggar: Impossible! [yelling] 

Allura: [grunting] 

Haggar: [grunts, groans] 

Allura: You will never destroy another innocent world! [grunts] 

Allura & Haggar: [grunting] 

Druid 4 & Kolivan: [grunting] 

Haggar: [breathing heavily] [groans] 

Allura: [grunting, breathing heavily] 

Kolivan: Come on!

[Castle beeping] 

Coran & Slav: [gasp, scream] 

Coran: We're back! [laughs] Hello, paladins! 

ALL: Yeah! 

Hunk: You're alive! 

Shiro: Is everyone okay? 

Slav: Yeah, I'm fine! Don't worry, guys! 

Lance: Oh, great. Slav made it.

Coran: The power on Zarkon's ship is returning! We need to get out of here! I'm going to get Allura! 

Shiro: This is our last chance! Let's finish this! 

ALL: [grunting] 

Zarkon: [grunts] [grunting, screaming] 

Shiro: [grunting] 

[beeping from the Black Lion] 

Shiro: [grunting] 

ALL: [screaming] 

Zarkon: [screaming] 

Lance: [groans] [grunting] Did we do it? 

Hunk: Is it over? 

Coran: I have Allura and Kolivan. We need to go!

Keith: [gasps] Shiro! 

Pidge: We need to tow him back onto the ship! 

Pidge: Princess, we're all onboard.

Keith: [panting] Shiro! Shiro? 

Lance: He's gone.


Haggar: Summon Prince Lotor.