• Megazord Prime

    Hey, everyone!! I just have a thought: what if Voltron was made up of different animals instead of just lions?? Here's how it goes: 

    Black Eagle - head and body 

    Red Wolf - right arm 

    Green Fox - left arm 

    Blue Dolphin - right leg 

    Yellow Bear - left leg 

    What do y'all think???

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  • Ruriair

    VLD Space Time

    May 13, 2017 by Ruriair

    Ditto, a non-wiki friend, and myself spent two hours doing math today.

    1 tick = 1.399 (1.4) seconds

    Source: Let's Voltron

    Space math.

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  • Ditto Creeper Bot

    Generated by the code:-

    Yeah, we got Math here! Don't walk away though, this one's worth reading!

    Every measurement has it's own Unit. Sort of like, scales have Centimeters, Cars have accelerations, wave lengths have....Centimeters too, again. ;D

    For computers, small tiny dots joined together to form an image is called Pixels. Pixels can be 1/96th of an inch, properties can inherit inches as in which is 2.54cm, centimeters which is obviously cm. Then we have Element Measurement, 1 em is the current size of the element, 2em = two times the size, making projects easier when resizing.

    • Note: If a unit is failing, try another to check whether it's your position attribute.
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  • Ditto Creeper Bot
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