Whope, hold up, let me guess: Takes the most handsome slash best pilot of the bunch?


The Blue Lion is the Lion that forms the right leg of Voltron. The current Blue Paladin who pilots the Lion is Lance.


The exact origin of the Blue Lion is unknown. It can be assumed it was created at least ten thousand years ago after King Alfor created the Black Lion from the material found in the comet that crashed into Zarkon's home planet. Its previous Paladin is currently unknown. After Zarkon's betrayal of Alfor, the Lions were scattered and the Blue Lion was hidden on Earth for ten thousand years. Carvings on the cave walls suggest sapient people were aware of the Lion's presence in the past.

Weapons & Abilities

The Blue Lion is a well-balanced Lion in damage, armor, and speed. The Lion's arsenal includes the standard Mouth Cannon and Tail Laser for long range combat, as well as a dual-bladed Jaw Blade for close-combat that can be tossed like a boomerang.[2] It is not known what ability is unlocked when the Lion is combined with the Blue Bayard after Voltron is formed.

The Blue Lion has an affinity with the element of water and has a Freeze Ray that can be fired from its mouth and freeze enemies solid, and has increased mobility in water making it the most ideal for aquatic combat.[3] It is able to unlock a Sonic Boom Cannon on its back that can shoot high-frequency sound-waves. Lance awakens this ability though his desire to protect Hunk.[3]

Like all Lions, the Blue Lion possesses some measure of sapience. It has moved on its own to allow Lance to enter its body, readily accepting him as its Paladin at first meeting.[4] Through his mental connection to the Blue Lion, Lance is able to understand its suggestions on the next course of action during a battle.



  • The Blue Lion is the second to use its elemental affiliation of Water when it freezes a Galra Structure melted by the Red Lion, so the debris will not harm the Balmera.[5]


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