The Castle of Lions is a massive castle and spacecraft in one that houses the Lions of Voltron and its Paladins. The current pilot of the Castle of Lions is Allura, along with Coran as its co-pilot.


According to Coran, the Castle was built about 10,600 years ago by his grandfather.[2] Ten thousand years ago, it came to rest upon planet Arus with Allura and Coran in a deep sleep inside its cryo-pods, and the Black Lion locked inside its hangar. The Castleship and its occupants are awakened once Lance, Shiro, Keith, Hunk, and Pidge arrive in the Blue Lion. The Castleship now serves as the home base to transport and defend the team, piloted by Allura and Coran.


The Castle of Lions provides a numerous amount of facilities to help accommodate training for the Paladins. The Castleship has a training gladiator robot, an invisible maze, as well as several other amenities to make the journey safe when traveling in space.

Known Rooms:

  • Bridge
  • Training Deck
  • Kitchen
  • Dining Hall
  • Ballroom
  • Sleep Chamber
  • Stasis Bay
  • Paladin Bedrooms
  • Allura's Bedroom
  • Lion Bays
  • Flight Pod Bay
  • Memory Chamber
  • Central Energy Chamber
  • Lounge
  • Energy Arch Generator Room
  • Swimming Pool

Weapons & Abilities

The Castle of Lions is powered by a Balmera's crystal of "Battleship" Class, the rarest of its types; a replacement Crystal is provided after the original is destroyed by a bomb.[3] This Crystal enables the Castleship to generate a particle barrier for extra defense against enemy fire, as well as blast its own lasers at targets from the barrier itself. The Castle comes equipped with small battle drones the Paladins can control from within the Castle Bridge.

Notably for the Altean Castleship, it is able to use a teludav device built with scaultrite to convert Allura's energy into power needed to generate Wormholes and traverse vast distances of space.


  • King Alfor's memories are stored within a chamber after his death 10,000 years previous and exist as an Artificial Intelligence.[2] This is destroyed by Allura after the Castleship and Alfor's AI is corrupted by a Galra Crystal.[4]


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