The Voltron: Legendary Defender Comic is a series of comic issues published by Lion Forge Comics. The first comic was released on July 13, 2016. Each issue is written by show head writers Tim Hedrick and Mitch Iverson, and illustrated by Digital Art Chefs. Each storyline of comic issues is complied into a paperback volume (abbreviated "TPB" for "trade paperback") after all separate issues have been released. Beginning June 15, 2017, the comics were released as "motion comics" with animated panels and voice acting from the main series cast.

Volume 1

Volume 1 takes place within Season One after the episode Rebirth and before the episode Crystal Venom. The first issue establishes the story while each subsequent issue focuses on a specific Paladin until Issue #5.

Volume 2

Volume 2 takes place within Season Two after the episode Shiro's Escape and ends prior to the episode Greening the Cube.

Volume 3