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Ezor is a general of the Galra Empire serving directly under Prince Lotor. She is only part Galran.[2]



Talkative, upbeat, playful: these three words best describe Ezor's personality. She appears to have a childlike side, as shown when she calls the Lions ”kitties.” Out of all of Lotor's generals, she is the one who engages in more playful antics.

Ezor, similar to Lance, serves as comic relief for her team. This is best seen when she places both her hands on the Puigian ambassador's cheeks forcing him to smile after she, her fellow generals and Lotor invade Puig. Ezor also appears to have a brutal side to her personality. This was seen during her fight with Keith; she had a wicked smile on her face when she pinned him down in an arm hold.

Upon witnessing Narti's demise at the hand of Lotor, Ezor quickly doubted and conspired against her leader. She was visibly hurt and sad at the loss of her silent comrade. From this it can be inferred that Ezor seemed to cherish her fellow generals, not only as fellow soldiers, but as actual friends.


Ezor has the ability to turn invisible, even while wearing clothing or armor.[2] She has flaps of skin between her arms and torso that allow her to glide or slow descent from high areas.[3] She uses her extremely agile body to dodge attacks and inflict blows, preferring the use of knives during combat.[4] She also appears to be skilled in kickboxing being able to pin down Keith and fend off Shiro's attacks and be able to outmatch him.[5]


  • Ezor's name was originally "Esor", but was changed when Studio Mir pointed out to series staff that it was a name common to old women spelled backwards; it was intentional on the writers' part as being a reference to The Golden Girl's along with the names "Ythorod" and "Aihpos", spelling "Rose", "Dorothy", and "Sophia".[6]
  • For Lotor's generals, series staff went with a standard RPG team format; Ezor is intended to be the agile melee gymnast.[7]