The Galra Empire is a powerful political and military force led by Emperor Zarkon. The Empire has destroyed and conquered much of the known universe under Zarkon's leadership for the past 10,000 years after the disappearance and disbursement of Voltron and its Paladins.


Zarkon governs his empire from within his Command Ship serving as the core of the Empire's Central Command System, at the very heart of the Galra Empire. The System is comprised of three apparent gaseous giant planets connected by two megastructural rings, with two more rings surrounding the emperor's Command ship. One of the planets has its own ring megastructure and a moon, while the largest planet has structures built on top of it. This entire System has a solar barrier that, when activated, can surround all planets and ships inside its range for protection, or to prevent enemies from escaping even through Wormholes. Throughout the Empire, Galra fleets patrol the void of space and entire galaxies are occupied by Galra military bases, prisons, and colonies.

Galra technology is highly advanced and securely locked with recognition software. It is usually not possible to activate or interface with Galra technology such as locked door switches or command consoles unless the hand being used is that of a Galra Sentry, a Galra prosthetic such as Shiro's arm, or a Galran alien.[1][2][3][4] The Galra technology is powered by violet Galra Crystals, and also fueled by Quintessence, which the Empire has mined and colonized planets to obtain for centuries to the point of the killing living planets such as Balmera. Haggar recently developed her Komar device powered by dark magic that can extract all Quintessence from a planet in mere moments.[1] She has Quintessence refined to Galra standards by her Druids at refinery stations scattered throughout the Empire.[3]

The Galra Empire styles much of its technology in black and purple, with many of its Power Crystals and lights glowing brightly violet; its command consoles are bright red. On warships, prison areas are designated with green lights. This is all in contrast to Altean themes of white and blue.


The GAC ("Galra Authorized Currency") is the established currency of the Galra Empire.[5] The only known form GAC is minted coins.[6]


The Galra Empire is comprises a collective of aliens that may or not be of the same race. "Galrans" are purple-skinned or purple-furred aliens with yellow eyes and varying beastly facial features that range from mammalian to reptilian, and may include colors of white fur and red markings, or dark spines and scales. Galrans are notably taller than average humans, but there are smaller ones seen in both high rank and meager day jobs.[7][6] Zarkon himself is a known exception to this, as he has gray skin and violet eyes, but in the past his eyes were yellow, suggesting they changed due to prolonged absorption of refined Quintessence.[6] Haggar is another exception to the usual Galra appearance, as she has blue skin, but Allura has described her as looking Altean in appearance.[8] The witch's Druids have blue skin as well.

Many of the Empire's forces are simple robotic Sentries that follow set paths and patterns as they guard their ships and stations; they are equipped with heavy laser rifles that have retractable bayonets. Zarkon has commanders designated by various sections of the Empire's conquered areas to do his bidding in his place and relays his orders through the screens of his commander's warships.

Known Members


Robeasts are powerful creatures created by Haggar using a combination of technology, dark magic, and Quintessence. Haggar usually chooses a sapient being as a base, be it a slave like Myzax, a simple reptile, or one of the Empire's own commanders such as Prorok. The Robeasts are created specifically to battle Voltron, and the process of creation usually entails painfully transferring the being's very essence into a larger artificial body, leaving the original corpse behind.

Known Robeasts



  • It is not known what the home planet of the Galran aliens is called, whether it is "Galra" or the name "Galra Empire" derives from something else. If the planet was Zarkon's home planet, it has long been destroyed.[6]
  • Commanders and soldiers state "Vrepit Sa!" as a military salute.[11][3]
  • Allura states that prior to Zarkon's rebellion, she traveled through many Galra ships and areas, implying the Galra Empire once had an alliance with the Alteans of Planet Altea.[3] This alliance allowed to Zarkon serve as the Black Paladin of Voltron 10,000 years ago.[12]
  • The only known non-Galran pureblood characters who can activate and interface with Galra technology are Shiro with his prosthetic arm, Allura when disguised as a Galran, and Keith, who has Galran heritage despite appearing fully human.[1][3][13]
  • The Galra Empire is based off of the Drule Empire of the previous Voltron franchises, which in turn was based on the Galra Empire of Beast King GoLion.


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