Haggar, formerly Empress Honerva, is a mysterious witch of the Galra Empire serving directly under Zarkon as the high priestess leading a group of Druids. Haggar is the creator of the Robeasts sent to defeat Voltron, and used Shiro as an experiment while he was captive, giving him his prosthetic arm. She was originally an Altean alchemist who ruled as Zarkon's wife on Planet Daibazaal.


Haggar has the appearance of a slender, small humanoid woman with dark blue skin, yellow eyes, and long white hair - although she largely conceals herself under a purple and yellow cloak and carries herself in a hunched posture. Underneath her hood, no irises or pupils are visible in Haggar's eyes, and she has long red markings that extend from her prominent cheekbones down across her lips, nearly reaching her chin, on either side of her face. Haggar's face is angular and she has a noticeably convex nose. Her hair is kept slicked back and draped over her shoulders, long enough to fall across her chest. Her ears are large and pointed, more so than known Alteans. Her strange appearance is because of her deadly experience with Quintessence and the trans-reality rift.[3]

Aside from her cloak, Haggar wears a black and yellow dress with a high collar, long sleeves, and a frayed skirt; over the dress, she wears purple and yellow robes, split at the back in a winged design.

Prior to her transformation, Honerva had the appearance of a slender Altean woman with light brown skin and pale purple hair. As an Altean, her ears were pointed at the top rather than rounded, and she had small sickle-shaped marks of red situated on her cheekbones, right under each of her gold eyes. The pupils of her eyes had a noticeable lavender color in the center of them. Honerva kept her hair tied back in a bun with her bangs swept to the right of her face, with a cluster of long strands dangling in front of her ears. As time passed and she became affected by Quintessence, Honerva's ears grew more pointed and her red facial markings began changing to the witch's appearance.

Honerva initially wore a white and blue Altean tunic accented with teal, a gray utility belt with a single pouch, and gray pants and boots. When she became the Galran empress, Honerva wore gray and maroon robes accented with black, yellow, and bright red over gray pants and boots. Within Zarkon's memories, she is seen wearing a purple and white bridal gown accented with yellow and red, as well as a white veil with a yellow and red headband.


Haggar has a cold personality with little concern for living creatures and the planets they inhabit. She uses her abilities and technological creations to extract Quintessence from entire planets, turning them into inhospitable wastelands. With her unwavering loyalty to Zarkon and his empire, Haggar shows no doubts over the Empire's destructive reign; the fact that Zarkon trusts her word more than that of his commanders speaks volumes about their similar villainous personalities. She has even been seen watching the violent gladiatorial games at the emperor's side. Haggar has a desire to capture Voltron for Zarkon's plans, and is a tactician cautious but firm in dealing with the powerful spacecraft, advising the emperor on the best course of action. She remains wary of the emperor's growing obsession with the Black Lion and how it blinds him to his strained health and anything else happening within the Empire, but willingly follows his orders regardless.

She delights in using the dark and hateful emotions of others to her benefit, convincing Myzax to become a Robeast solely for revenge,[4] and using Shiro's rage and overwhelming fear against him.[5] Her cruelty shows further in her preference for experimenting on biological life forms, turning them cybernetic with enhanced military-based artillery; Haggar has no problem discarding "failed" experiments either, as she attacks Shiro with intent to kill, appearing angered that he could once have been the Empire's "greatest weapon".[5] Her loyalty to Zarkon appears to be something more than seeing him as a tool for her own goals like that of her experiments, as she rescues him from his broken robotic suit when he is defeated by Voltron, and hooks him up to a machine to infuse his body with Quintessence, saving his life.[6] This is the only act of any suggested empathy seen from the witch, and is highlighted by her former status as Zarkon's wife - a past she has long forgotten but has started to recall.

In her former days as Honerva, she was a friendly, charming, and highly inquisitive scientist willing to push any boundaries to discover more about the very fabric of existence, Quintessence, and the Alternate Realities found within rifts created by Trans-Reality Comets.[3] She and Zarkon held a deep love for each other, but her work quickly became a deadly obsession that her husband only encouraged, leading to their downfall. Haggar has appeared shocked by the recollection, and seems wary of it, keeping the truth of her past a secret from everyone, including her spouse and son.[7]


While not the most physically imposing member of the Galra Empire, Haggar is a fearsome witch who serves as Zarkon's adviser and holds authority over most commanders of the Galra Empire. Although weak in physical strength and defense, after being caught in a massive explosion, Haggar returns apparently unscathed.[8] As a witch, Haggar is a proficient wielder of dark magic and can shoot beams of energy from her hands, teleport, as well as create clones and other illusions that disorient her enemies;[5] she is capable of invading other people's minds.[5][7]

She is sensitive to the various energies of the universe and has used this to detect both the Blue Lion's energy light-years away and the Altean energy of Allura and Coran through her magic rituals.[9] Her magic allows Zarkon to search the universe for the Black Lion by using his connection to the Lion as a medium.[10][11][12] The scrying aspect of her corrupted nature allows her to form dark magic orbs to act as mirrors for herself, as well as visual feeds to those she possesses with her magic to act as her eyes.[7] Likely because of her exposure to both the comets and the darkness of a rift, Haggar is able to detect when someone has had contact with a Trans-Reality Comet by sensing its energy upon them.[7]

Haggar is also highly intelligent scientist with a penchant for brutal experimentation, as she and her Druids are the ones responsible for creating the more nefarious mechanisms of the Galra Empire, such as the Robeasts and the Komar, as well as Shiro and Sendak's prosthetic arms.[13] With the assistance of her Druids, she uses several devices to amplify her magic or powers them through magic itself, and this ingenious combination makes her a powerful foe.[14][1] Her extensive scientific knowledge is no doubt the result of her history as an Altean scientist who deeply studied Trans-Reality Comets and the rifts they create, and most of all, the nature of Quintessence.[3] Be it from the nature of her corruption, death, and revival, or be it Altean mimicking, Haggar can revert her skin and eyes to their natural colors and quickly return to her corrupted appearance.[7]


  • The pronunciation of her true name, Honerva, entails a silent "H".
  • Haggar originally owned Kova, who has been given to Narti.[3]
  • Honerva can be seen in the Black Lion's memories working on the Lion.[12]
  • Most of Haggar's experiments involve a blend of magic and technology. She is one of few characters shown to have apparent magical capabilities rather than relying on advanced technology alone. The other known characters are Haggar's Druids, Allura, and the Krell Sorceress.
  • During flashbacks, Haggar is voiced by Lily Rabe instead of Cree Summer. Executive staff explains that a different voice actor was chosen to represent how Haggar is not the original person she once was.[15]
  • Haggar is based on the character Haggar of the previous Voltron franchises, who in turn was based on the character Honerva of Beast King GoLion.


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