I'm a leg!

—Hunk, in "The Rise of Voltron"

Hunk is the current Yellow Paladin who pilots the Yellow Lion of Voltron. He was previously an engineer cadet at the Galaxy Garrison. Following Lance's simple idea to sneak out after hours and tail Pidge to the Garrison's roof, Hunk witnesses Shiro's crash-landing on Earth a year after the purported Kerberos Mission's disaster. He joins the cadets in rescuing Shiro from the Garrison military alongside Keith, and investigates why aliens are coming to Earth. His assistance in discovering the Blue Lion triggers the events leading to the return of Voltron, beginning Hunk's new life as a Paladin fighting the Galra Empire.


Hunk has the appearance of a larger-set older teenager with medium brown skin, black hair, and brown eyes with thick, square-shaped eyebrows. Distinguishing him from the other characters is his noticeably round face with a short, rounded noise, and his massive body full of muscle and fat; he has thick, muscular limbs and a large belly. Hunk wears an orange strip of cloth tied around his forehead, long enough to reach his mid-back, that keeps his hair out of the way but allows his bangs to frame his face. Hunk's hair is cut rather short, his bangs reaching just under his eyes, while the rest of his hair barely reaches his neck. Of the Paladins, Hunk averages with Lance as the the second-tallest.[4]

In his Paladin armor, Hunk's uniform mirrors his fellow Paladins but with yellow accents to match that of his Lion.

When he is not in his Paladin armor, Hunk wears a bright yellow shirt trimmed in black with sleeves cut to his forearms. Over his shirt, he wears a green vest with a tall collar accented with orange, and outwardly padded with thick, dark gray shoulder pads; the vest is lined thickly at the hem with a green-gray. His shirtline is cut to reach longest at the center and falls far over the waistline of his pants where he wears a light gray utility pouch on either hip, their orange and light gray straps covered by his shirt while the pouches always remain visible. Hunk's gray gloves are fingerless and lined at the wrist with a large and thick black cuff. He wears baggy tan pants, padded at the knees a darker brown, and tucked into his white boots. Hunk's boots are accented in black at the soles and front, with an orange stripe overfoot and orange decorating the soles. The colors of his boots are representative of the Galaxy Garrison.


The... Yellow Lion is caring and kind. Its pilot is one who puts the needs of others above his own. His heart must be mighty. As the leg of Voltron, you will lift the team up and hold them together.

Allura describing the Yellow Lion, in "The Rise of Voltron"

Initially nervous, cowardly, and prone to motion sickness, panic, and nausea, Hunk is shown to be a reluctant Paladin more concerned with food and safety than battling aliens from across the galaxy. He even admits his desire to return to his family and disinterest in fighting a war.[5] Hunk does not fully realize the dire situation he has the power to change until he meets Shay and learns she has no concept of what freedom is because her people have been ruled by the Galra Empire since before her birth.[6]

After witnessing her people's suffering and Shay's bravery to save his life at the risk of her own, Hunk quickly grows into a true Paladin intent on defending all good in the universe, not suffering any of his previous fear and unfortunate symptoms since. Along with his genius knowledge of mechanical equipment and science, Hunk's intuition is extraordinarily sharp and he is distrustful of those outside of Team Voltron after the Castle of Lions is nearly lost, though his good heart and honest desire to assist others can dismiss his suspicions despite his good judgement.[7] He remains cautious, logical, and can be head-strong in his beliefs, whether they be out of self-preservation or the need to do good.

Hunk may take his role and mission as a Paladin seriously, but he is still the lighthearted, comical joker of the team who enjoys making his friends laugh, teasing them, and will readily give hugs and cook up a delicious meal to satiate his appetite. As the "straight man" of the group with a sometimes morbid sense of humor, Hunk will question the lack of logic and the bountiful absurdity of their reality, such as being inside a "giant cat head" and how lions "turn into legs".[4] His presence brings about a sense of casual air amidst any number of the Voltron team's tense situations, in its own way supporting his team as much as when he is on the battlefield and fighting alongside them.


Hunk's Bayard takes the form of a large single-barreled blaster cannon for powerful rapid-fire attacks. Like other Paladins, his armor enables him to form an energy shield for defense, and contains a jetpack for brief sustained flight.

While he initially struggles with the weight of the Bayard cannon, Hunk is noted to have the strongest natural physical strength of all the Paladins due to his body's larger size, although he is also the least agile and slowest Paladin. His Bayard enables him to overwhelm enemies from a distance during combat; long range seems to be his preference, as Hunk has not displayed any close-combat prowess. While not studying as a fighter pilot officially, Hunk shows notable skill piloting the Yellow Lion.

Hunk is a highly skilled and creative cook who can make culinary cuisines out of unfamiliar alien ingredients; his mind is often filled with thoughts of food, but his creativity is mirrored in how he is one of the most technologically adept out of the Paladins - rivaled only by Pidge. His aptitude with making ingredients, data, mechanical parts, and equipment work in his favor as nonchalantly as he does is proof of both Hunk's training at the Galaxy Garrison as an engineer cadet and his natural intelligence.

Hunk's vast engineering and scientific knowledge allows him to realize ingenious breakthroughs such as deciphering alien data and recognizing it as a Fraunhofer Line of an unknown element, and then quickly building a Geiger Counter to detect it.[4] His familiarity with the workings of mechanical equipment allows Hunk to easily hotwire alien technology and quickly determine the cause of a malfunction in alien spacecrafts, to such an extent that he can detect when someone has lied about the cause.[7]


  • Hunk's full name has not been revealed.
  • Hunk and Pidge are two equally tech-savvy characters described as being "two sides of the same coin": while Pidge is the more creating, engineering, "figuring out" side, Hunk is the "build it and make it work" side.[14]
  • On Coran's height ranking for the Paladins of 1-5 (tallest to shortest), Lauren Montgomery approves that Hunk is ranked second-tallest at "Number Two".[15][16]
  • Hunk is based on the character Hunk of the previous Voltron franchises, who in turn was based on the character Tsuyoshi Seidō of Beast King GoLion.


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