Krell is the home of the Krellian races, one of which is under the protection of the Guardian of Krell from the Abomination. It is home to many massive creatures as well as a race of aliens who worship the Yalex laying dormant in the planet's moon.


Little is known of Krell's history. At some point, the village of Krell natives began preparing a feast every year for the Guardian of Krell, who usually ate a few of the villagers as well, so the guardian would continue to defend the village from the Abomination. They did not realize that the food is what attracted the Abomination in the first place and caused their yearly struggle. Meanwhile, Princess Malocoti was placed under a spell by the Krell Sorceress and was forced to guard her tower. The Sphinx took up residence in the planet's desert to intentionally fail all who attempted its trials and riddle, while the "Haruspex" taught the aliens growing grain on the moon that the Yalex would bring the end of their lives and reveal truth in their deaths, leading them to worship the Yalex and feed it.

All these problems end when the Voltron Paladins arrive seeking the Yalex for a Yalexian Pearl to pay off Coran's debt to Kythylian Mu.


Krell is a hospitable sphere-shaped planet full of a safely breathable atmosphere and a rocky, desert landscape, but it also has water and abundant plant life, including a forest with a tall tower built beside a mountain range and a body of water. A village of natives is located in the desert lands. Its spherical moon, however, is not so hospitable, as the atmosphere is toxic from methane gas leaking to the surface from the moon's burning "eye".[1]. The eye is a hole called the "evershadow" by the natives.[1] In truth, it holds a Yalex as large as the moon itself.[1] A temple has been built on the moon, with grain fields surrounding it that are used as offerings for the burning "eye" by the priests who live on the moon, feeding the Yalex and strengthening it.[1]


  • For more information, see the Krellians article.

The presumed natives of Krell are of different races. The first are a very small insect-like race reminiscent of ants and other bugs. These people live in a village built into the desert landscape that is overseen by Elderbug Blate.

The second race of natives are camel-like aliens that are quadrupedal, but can stand on two legs and use their front legs as hands. These aliens reside on Krell's surface, but have a temple of priests residing on Krell's moon to feed the Yalex.[1]

Other residents, who are not clarified as natives, are Malocoti and the Krell Sorceress; they share an identical appearance, differing majorly only in color, and are more humanoid than Blate and the other natives. Only their blue skin and a pair of split ears distinguishes them from Humans of Earth.

The massive Guardian of Krell burrows underground outside Elderbug Blate's village ready to attack any who approach the village. The equally massive Abomination lurks in the wilderness of the planet and only approaches the village when it smells food.[2] Residing in the desert is the Sphinx waiting for anyone to attempt its trials and riddle.



  • Krell is the first planet shown with more than one race as possible natives.
  • The carving of the "Haruspex" who told the natives of the Yalex's birth and their "end times" bears heavy resemblance to Haggar.[1]


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