Matthew "Matt" Holt is a member of the Galaxy Garrison and the brother of Pidge who went missing after being taken prisoner by the Unnamed Galra Commander of the Galra Empire during the Galaxy Garrison's expedition to Kerberos. Pidge has been searching for him and their father Samuel ever since.

After being captured, he was slated to fight the alien gladiator Myzax but Shiro feigned bloodlust and attacked him. The minor injury Matt sustained meant he would not have to fight, so Shiro battled Myzax instead while Matt was taken away. His whereabouts and status remain undetermined until Pidge discovers that Matt has been rescued by a group of rebels who do not appear to have connections with the Blade of Marmora. Matt is soon located by Pidge and returns with her to the Castle of Lions to join the Voltron Coalition.


Matt has the appearance of an older teenager with pale skin, brown hair, and brown eyes; he wears glasses, and bears such heavy resemblance to Pidge that the two are easily mistaken for each other.[3] Matt's hair is cut short and curves upwards away from his body at his neckline, but unlike Pidge, his bangs are not gathered in a heavy cluster at the center of his face. Instead, they are short and cut just above his eyes, exposing his forehead and his thick, brown eyebrows. He has two strands of hair that sprout from the top of her head, one slightly longer than the other.

He has been shown wearing the standard cadet uniform of the Galaxy Garrison as well as a white and orange space suit from the same organization. As a prisoner, he wears the standard prisoner outfit of a black suit with a violet crop-top.


Matt is initially a young explorer excited at the prospect of meeting alien life and studying space.[3] When faced with the fate of battling Myzax after being captured, Matt becomes frantic and panics, fearful of death and never seeing his family again.[4] The ordeal as a prisoner does not destroy his mental state in the slightest: Matt becomes an elite rebel fighter determined to defeat the Galra Empire and retains his kind-hearted and confident personality. He is a teasing but supportive older brother to Pidge and openly praises her accomplishments;[5][6] Matt is also somewhat vain and seeks the attention of girls, notably becoming completely overcome by Allura's beauty and trying to flirt with her the instant he sees her.[6]


Matt has extensive technical and scientific knowledge and is so proficient in his studies that his brain alone allowed him to enter the Galaxy Garrison.[5] Much like his sister, Matt is able to hack both Garrison and alien technology, and create entire new technology for his own ends. His technical expertise is utilized for rebel fighters and earned him a position monitoring Galra fleets. His combat expertise lies in using strategy to outwit opponents along with use of a polearm for aggressive melee combat.


  • Matt's full name is revealed during Pidge's flashback to a television news broadcast proclaiming the Kerberos crew missing and presumed dead.[7]
  • Matt is responsible for giving Pidge her nickname.[5]
  • The Holt family has a dog named Bae Bae, although it was originally named Gunther.[1] The name of the dog was changed to honor a pet dog housed at the recording studio used for the series that passed away.[ citation needed ]


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