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Narti is a general of the Galra Empire serving directly under Prince Lotor. She is only part Galran, and has no eyes, instead seeing through her alien cat, Kova.[2][3]



Having said to be both mute and blind; not much of narti's personality is expressible; however she appears to be detached from the other generals only responding when she is spoken to or mention if she is around others and appears to be the most mysterious of the generals.

Despite being unable to vocally Express herself; Narti is able to use her powers to force others to say what she is thinking; she appears to be the most obedient in her line of work when following lotor's orders she will do so without any sort of hesitation and appears to have something of a haunting effect.

During her fight with hunk and pidge; Narti showed a menacing side of herself when she chokes hunk with her tail.

Despite her detached demeanor she appears have a soft side to her personality this is best seen with her cat kova.

During her's and lotor's visit to galra Command Center narti conspired against lotor weather this was by her own free will or by being possessed by haggar is unknown although it was enough for lotor to kill her for treason.

Despite the detached aspects of her personality narti was not above being open to friendships this is best seen with the other generals after her death; acxa turn against lotor for her this shows that she was on good terms with all the other generals.


Narti is an agile fighter who is unique in that she has no eyes, rendering her blind. She has a mental connection to her alien cat Kova that allows her to see through his eyes instead.[3] Narti is able to control anyone she comes into physical contact with, overtaking their minds and directing their body to move as she wills it.[3]


  • Narti's name is the only one from the original list of possible names for Lotor's generals that was kept.[5]
  • For Lotor's generals, series staff went with a standard RPG team format; Narti is intended to be the stealthy rogue fighter.[6]