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Narti is a general of the Galra Empire serving directly under Prince Lotor. She is a Galran hybrid, and has no eyes, instead seeing through her alien cat, Kova.[2][3]




Narti is an agile fighter who is unique in that she has no eyes, rendering her blind. She has a mental connection to her alien cat Kova that allows her to see through his eyes instead.[3] Narti is able to control anyone she comes into physical contact with, overtaking their minds and directing their body to move as she wills it.[3]


  • Narti's name is the only one from the original list of possible names for Lotor's generals that was kept.[5]
  • For Lotor's generals, series staff went with a standard RPG team format; Narti is intended to be the stealthy rogue fighter.[6]



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