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Narti is a general of the Galra Empire serving directly under Prince Lotor. She is only part Galran, and has no eyes, instead seeing through her alien cat, Kova.[2][3] After encountering Haggar and seemingly being possessed, Narti is killed by Lotor when he realizes she is being used as a spy for the witch.


Narti is depicted to be a female alien with a slender, and slightly curvy, body. She wears a suit similar to that of Lotor's other generals, with the exception of a dark gray hood that shrouds her face. She has a reptilian face with no eyes, but she has a pair of small ears on top of her head usually hidden by her hood. Her face is light blue, and her scalp dark blue with a red-purple stripe running from her forehead down to her mouth. She is also the only one of Lotor's generals to have a prehensile tail, which is light blue with darker purple and blue spots lining it.


Being both mute and blind, not much of Narti's personality is expressed and she is the most mysterious of Lotor's generals. She appears detached from the other generals, only responding with movement when spoken to or mentioned, but Ezor is shown to be fond of her regardless.[4][5] Narti is obedient in her line of work when following Lotor's orders and overpowering enemies in combat, doing so without any sort of hesitation. Despite her detached demeanor, Narti shows affection towards Kova, who she often pets when waiting for orders.

Following her possession by Haggar, it is not known if Narti is a willing conspirator, but her death at Lotor's hand for leaking information is shocking enough to trigger his other generals to willingly turn against him for their own gain, alghough Acxa remains loyal to Lotor in secret.


Narti is an agile fighter who is unique in that she has no eyes, rendering her blind. She has a mental connection to her alien cat Kova that allows her to see through his eyes instead.[3] Narti is able to control anyone she comes into physical contact with, overtaking their minds and directing their body to move as she wills it.[3]


  • Narti's name is the only one from the original list of possible names for Lotor's generals that was kept.[7]
  • For Lotor's generals, series staff went with a standard RPG team format; Narti is intended to be the stealthy rogue fighter.[8]