Olkari are a species of alien race native to planet Olkarion. Their king, Lubos, is thought to be kept prisoner by the Galra Empire until his alliance with the Empire is exposed by Team Voltron. They are currently led by Ryner.


Olkari are humanoid bipedal aliens that are vaguely insect-like in appearance. They appear furless and tend to be pale yellow or gray in color with lighter circles around their red or brown eyes. Each individual has an appendage situated over their eyes, and may have another pair of similar appendages at the base of their neck. These are colored the same as their scalp, a "crown" of darker gray that covers the entire top of their head down to the middle of their face, where Olkari have no apparent nose. The crown curves into a point at the top of each Olkari's head. Olkari can have four or five fingers on each hand.


Olkari society is that of a kingdom ruled by a single individual and concentrated massive shape-changing cities. The Olkari people are renowned for their extraordinary engineering skills, which are so advanced that it appears to be magic. Individuals are capable of manipulating both solid metal as well as biological materials like wood and plant life with a simple touch.[1]

Originally a more technologically-oriented and peaceful race, those that escaped being enslaved by the Galra Empire retreated to the planet's forests and over time adapted their skills to working with materials from the natural world instead. The rebels now function as a militia skilled with spears and bows; their inherent engineering abilities allows the rebels to transform organic matter into such amazing creations as large transportation pods made of wood, distress signals coded into spores sent into space, or arrows that can ground a spacecraft.[1]

Once liberated, the Olkari return to their cities and thrive as a highly technologically advanced race, harboring the base of operations for the Voltron Coalition.

Known Olkari






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