The substance with the highest known energy per unit volume in the universe. Raw quintessence material is transported here from throughout the galaxy and refined into standardized Galra fuel requirements.

— Galra Sentry , Season 1, Episode 10: "Collection and Extraction"

Quintessence is a mysterious substance mentioned frequently in the series, and harvested by Haggar with her dark magic and Galra technology for use in the Galra Empire. It is shown to be something of a life force, leaving a planet completely barren and inhospitable when extracted.[1] Normally, this feat would have taken years, through mining and colonizing a planet, but Haggar has managed to develop a new method that takes mere minutes as seen during her "Komar Experiment". Usually, quintessence is refined into fuel by a Galra Druid.[2]

Known Properties

  • Allura describes the quintessence of Paladins as being mirrored in their respective Lions, as a mystical bond that cannot be forced nor explained by science.[3]
  • Quintessence is shown to enhance the abilities and alter the body of lifeforms it is absorbed by: Haggar uses quintessence to transform normal creatures into powerful Robeasts to fight Voltron.[4] Zarkon absorbs quintessence to grant himself more power.[1]
  • In the past, Alteans used quintessence to return energy to Balmera planets after harvesting their power crystals in order to heal and repay the living planet.[5]
  • Keith, after being wounded by a Druid and knocked into a canister of raw quintessence, breaking it and spilling it over himself, is healed by the quintessence spilled on him a few minutes after the fact.[2]
  • Lauren Montgomery compares Quintessence to that of the Star Wars "Force", that it exists to some degree in everything and explains the explainable. Dos Santos claims it is what the universe is powered on.[6]


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