The royal warship is a cruiser of the Galra Empire used by Lotor and his generals.


Lotor's acquisition of the warship is unknown. It can be assumed it was built for him by the Galra Empire.


The royal warship is a large spacecraft gray in color and accented with lighter grays, dark grays, bright blues, and red-orange much like Lotor's own armor. Not much of the inside of the ship has been seen, but it includes a bridge where Lotor and his four generals oversee all piloting and functions, and fighter jet bays for deployment of massive fleets.

It is built with a generator to keep a standard amount and source of gravity at all times, and has displays for seeing a panoramic view of the outside environment at the bridge. The bridge uses a center display for video transmissions and contains a holographic map that can generate above the floor, directly in front of Lotor's command seat.[1]

Weapons & Abilities

The royal warship is powered by an unknown means. It has standard but highly advanced technology for scanning the area around it and detecting energy signatures of many kinds, including heat and Voltron itself.[2][3]

  • Ion Cannon: A powerful laser cannon that can heavily damage opponents in a single blast.[1]
  • Laser Blasters: Rapid-fire energy guns on either side of the cruiser.[3]
  • Fighter Jet Fleet: Standard Galra fighters as well as specialized fighter jets with rotatable engine wings for increased agility. They have two rapid-fire laser guns.[2]
  • Tractor Beam: An energy beam that freezes and draws in any spacecraft that crosses its path for capture.[3]
  • Hyper Drive: The warship can travel faster than light speed in bursts across vast distances.[1]



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