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Ryner is an alien resident of Olkarion and leader of the Olkari rebels seeking to free their imprisoned king Lubos from Commander Branko who has overtaken their planet. She is assisted by Team Voltron when they discover the rebels' distress signal in spores floating in space. After Lubos is proven a traitor and Team Voltron frees Olkarion, Ryner pledges her support in the fight against the Galra Empire. She and her people later assist in building a massive teludav for the plan to defeat Zarkon.


Ryner has the appearance of an Olkari woman standing taller than average human height.[1] The majority of her face is a pale yellow-gray, highlighted lighter around her prominent red eyes, and darker gray over her forehead and scalp. Ryner has a red dot in the center of her forehead, no apparent nose, and a set of appendages over her eyes and at her neck. The rest of her body appears to be the same color as her face.

She wears a hooded white robe with a blue sash over her left shoulder, fastened at the neckline by an orange button. She appears to wear an orange shirt under her robe with brown and blue decoration on its cuffs, while the robe is accented with two red stripes and a circular marking on either side of its waistline. Her pants are a similar dark gray as her scalp, puffing out at her knees, and accented with red and white at the groin and inner thigh; her leg coverings are a similar gray and expose her toes.


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As an Olkari, Ryner has such skill with engineering technology out of metal and forest substances that she has almost magical capabilities, able to create technology by manipulating it to her mind's design by touch alone.[1]



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