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Sincline is the giant robot formed by the combination of all three Sincline ships. It was created by Lotor from the Quintessence-infused ore of the second Trans-Reality Comet.


Sincline is comprised of three separate ships, each unique in design with some standard abilities. These ships change pilots throughout the course of the show and can be piloted by one individual, but are designed to hold up to two pilots at once.[1][2][3] A pilot can forcibly eject the other pilot of a ship.[4] The ships run on both the Quintessence-infused ore of the second Trans-Reality Comet and the highly concentrated Quintessence harvested from Lotor's Altean Colony.[3][5][6]

The ships are broken down into three parts of Sincline's anatomy:

  • Sincline's Arms: The first ship created, piloted first by Acxa and Narti, then Acxa and Ezor, then Zethrid, alone and with Acxa.
  • Sincline's Legs: The second ship created, piloted first by Lotor and Zethrid, then by Lotor alone, then Ezor alone.
  • Sincline's Torso: The final ship created, piloted first by Lotor and Allura, then by Acxa alone, then Lotor alone.

Sincline itself can be forced to combine via the torso ship, forcibly eject all other pilots, and be piloted alone.[7] Sincline and its ships have not shown any signs of sapience, unlike the Voltron Lions.

Weapons & Abilities


Other Abilities

Thanks to Allura's unlocked Altean alchemy abilities that she infused the ships with, Sincline can freely travel in and out of the Quintessence field found in the barrier between realities.[8]



  • 60% of the comet is used to make the first two ships; 40% of the comet remains in Lotor's possession until the third ship is made.[2]
  • Christine Bian largely designed Sincline, with inspiration from Zone of the Enders and Gundam, creating a sleek, fast, and wraith-like design of the whole mech and then breaking it down into smaller ships.[9] She is credited for the concept of Sincline's tail.[9][10]
  • Originally, staff wanted five total ships to mirror Voltron, but because of constraints in the amount of CG assets they were allotted per series arc, Sincline was reduced to three ships.[9]
  • The name "Sincline" originates from Prince Sincline of Beast King GoLion, the character used to create Lotor in Defender of the Universe. Lotor mentions the ship by name in Black Site.