Taujeer was the original home planet of the Taujeerians. The planet was going through a cataclysm when Team Voltron happened upon it, with its crust breaking away to fill nearby space and what remained on the surface dissolving into acid. The Paladins helped the native population to evacuate to a nearby moon on a ship that had been sabotaged by Commander Morvok's forces.


The planet Taujeer appears to be very acidic. It was dying when Commander Morvok's forces stole a lot of resources from the planet.


The Taujeerians are a race of large, grub-like humanoids. They have four arms, pale greenish-skinned bodies that resemble human sumo wrestlers, a flat paddle-like tail with slightly darker markings, and a singular round 'eye' that flashes when speaking. Their speech is unusual, a robotic monotone, and appears to be the same for all individuals; whether this is an actual biological trait or due to the use of technology to communicate with other species is unknown.