The Voltron Coalition Handbook is the second official guidebook published for the series. It contains additional information about the characters and different aspects of the Voltron: Legendary Defender universe.


Congratulations! If this guidebook is in your hands, it means you were recently freed from Galra rule—welcome! By now you have likely heard about Voltron, a robot that defends the universe. Voltron is piloted by five brave Paladins, but they cannot do it alone. That is why they need you to join the Voltron Coalition and help restore peace to every edge of the universe. This guidebook comes complete with handwritten notes from the Paladins about different worlds, their lions, the allies in the Coalition, maps of the Castle of Lions, and much more! Now, don’t get your Weblum in a twist—read this official guidebook!


The guidebook acts as a manual for new members of the Voltron Coalition that is largely written by Coran, and features notes written by the Voltron Paladins. The guidebook covers information about the events and characters featured from Season Three to Season Six.

New information presented includes:

Character Pages

Lore Pages


  • By the logic of The Paladin's Handbook, the listed ages on character pages in that book are ages at the start of Season One when Shiro returns to Earth. This second guidebook clarifies a year has passed since then, so by the beginning of Season Six, the Paladins are a year older than those published ages.
    • Due to his travels through the warped space-time of the Quantum Abyss, aging him two additional years, Keith is three years older than he was in Season One by the time Season Six ends, unlike the other Paladins, who have only aged a year.