Unilu are a species of alien race once known for being traders and pirates dealing in black market goods, frequenting hidden markets called "swap moons".[1]


Not much is known about the Unilu's history, home planet, or current status in the universe. The Unilu were once famous as fearsome pirates with a penchant for swords and intense traders with unmatched bargaining skills, able to manipulate deals for full profit and trick unskilled merchants.[1] They had contact with the people of Altea, such as King Alfor and Coran.[1] It is suggested that the race has largely moved away from its dark past of 10,000 years prior and integrated into modern society under the Galra Empire, as young Unilu do not seem aware of black market deals and previous swap moons have become clean and organized shopping malls, where only one "swap shop" is known to still exist.[1]


Unilu are bipedal humanoid aliens with an average of four arms, each with five fingers per hand. Unilu have small pointed ears, more triangular in shape than Altean ears, and teal sclerae in their eyes, which can have various colors for irises.[1] The Unilu's skin tones appear to range in various grays while hair color can vary in shades per individual.



  • Coran names items like "umvy spice", "by-tor water", "infinity vapor", "lango", a "pogo oscillator" as things frequently sold by Unilu.[1]


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