Beginner's guide to Screen Shooting

Let's begin.

What is Screen Shooting?

The process of extracting frames from an episode, movie, animation, picture, etc. It's a tedious process that can be either Automated or Manual.


Yup, some users aren't really up for the task that includes Math, honestly I would beg to differ because WELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just tell me how to do it then?

Sure, just do the following:-

Download Player

  1. Download VLC Player [Lord of Video players].
  2. Install VLC. I really hope you know how to o-o

Download Episode

  1. Download the episode, I recommend downloading LEGALLY, LEGALLY, PLEASE DO IT SO THAT I DON'T DIE! Kidding, just download from Itunes. ;v;

Setting up your Desk

    • You got two options with VLC, Manual and Automated.

Manual Tutorial

  1. Tap on the view tab and check "Advanced Tools." Check-Advanced-Controls-in-View-Tab.png
or just "Shift + S" while watching a video. (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ I'm literally crying. .-.

Advanced Tutorial

  1. Open the "Tools" tab. Vlc_Guide_%281%29.jpg
  2. Click Preferences and click that little thing on the bottom left saying "All", click the Videos and don't forget to click that Scene Filter part. VLC_GUIDE_%284%29.png
  3. Follow the tree to destiny and poke the twigs of integrity. (Follow the picture below) ♪~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ
  • Set the value the ratio to 150 for auto screen shooting every 3 seconds. Vlc_Guide_%282%29.png
4. Save your progress and boom, start watching the video because its gonna auto screen shoot for you, Lazy bum! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

Professional Screen Shooting

Warning: The following guide is for the following people:-

  • Lazy as heck.
  • Hate tapping.
  • Really Lazy.
  • Experience with DOS. [CMD]
  • Got Time on their hands.

What is FFMPEG?

"A Cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream audio and video. It includes libavcodec - the leading audio/video codec library."

How will this benefit me?

Dude/Dudett, you're gonna strike up evolution with this tech. I'm pretty sure its close to those Area 51 stuff. ;3

Let's begin! [Windows]

  1. Download Ffmpeg.exe directly.
  2. Move it to a recognized Folder. I recommend making a folder in [C:/] named "Test"
  3. Open CMD, it can be found in [C:\Windows\system32] named as "cmd.exe"
  4. Run it as an administrator. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY!. To run as Administrator, right click on CMD and boom.
  5. Type in the following in Order, assuming you moved FFMPEG to that a folder named "Test" in your C:/ drive and that you renamed the video as "Epi".
cd "C:\Test"
ffmpeg -i Epi.mp4 -r 0.5 Name-%04d.png
6. The above program would generate images for every 2 seconds, if you want to increase it, [x = 1/n] is the formula where 'n' is the seconds gap you seek and x is the value you're to set after '-r'. Remember that you must add the exact extension of your video. TIP: Tab eases finding stuff.
7. Click enter and let the magic begin! VLC_GUIDE_AGAIN_%281%29.png
8. Don't close anything while it's extracting the frames otherwise you're gonna have to restart. Other than that, you get this. VLC_GUIDE_AGAIN_%282%29.png

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