Issue #4 is the fourth published chapter in Volume 1 of the Comics, and focuses on Pidge. The storyline of Volume 1 occurs after the episode Rebirth and ends prior to the episode Crystal Venom.


Team Voltron's quest to save Coran's life gets extra-complicated when they have to face off against brain-sucking mushrooms, an ancient chess master, and a sphinx's riddles. Can Pidge lead Voltron through these tests of brains and brawn in one piece?


Pidge and the Paladins find themselves in the middle of a desert in search of a ziggurat where the great Sphinx resides. When the Paladins do find the ziggurat, the witness the great temple morph into the Sphinx. As Princess Malocoti stated, the Sphinx would not answer the question of the Paladins until the brightest of them, Pidge, passed the three tests: the Test of the Body, the Test of the Mind, and the Test of the Soul.

Once the Paladins entered the ziggurat, the Sphinx commences the Test of the Body by infecting Shiro, Keith, Lance, and Hunk with mind-controlling mushrooms and pit them all against Pidge. In order to pass the test, Pidge must defeat all of her comrades. Despite the overwhelming odds stacked against her, Pidge already knew the weaknesses of the other Paladins and exploited said weaknesses to defeat her allies. After the Sphinx removed the mushrooms, the Paladins ask how Pidge defeated all of them, and she admits that she kept files of the Paladins' weaknesses because of her nature.

The Test of the Mind commences with a game of chess. While Pidge was more fascinated with on how the Sphinx knew chess in the first place, the Sphinx told her to focus on the present challenge. The Sphinx then plants a mushroom on Pidge and absorbed her mind into the fungus. Pidge's opponent is a mushroom with the knowledge of all of strategies. Knowing that she cannot win, Pidge assigns the Rooks to be controlled by Lance, Keith to control the Knights, Hunk to the Bishops, and Shiro to all the Pawns; her plan is to use teamwork to beat herself. The combined strategies of the Paladins proves to be more than the mushroom's match and the Paladins passed the second test.

The Test of the Spirit, the most difficult test of all is the riddle, "What can be totally broken apart and yet reform stronger than ever?" Pidge answers Voltron, but much to the Paladins' surprise, the Sphinx deems her answer incorrect. The correct answer, according to the Sphinx, is hope. The frustrated Paladins attempt to argue how the riddle has multiple answers such as how love, swords, Lance's heart, and Voltron are all applicable to the riddle, but the Sphinx obstinately tells the Paladins to leave. The angered Paladins proceed the board their Lions, form Voltron], and engage in combat with the Sphinx. The Sphinx concedes and admits that the riddle was made to be open-ended to making himself feel superior. The Sphinx then tells the Paladins that the Yalexian Pearl can be found on the dark side of Krell's moon.


  • This issue is narrated from the perspective of Pidge.
  • Pidge keeps a file of each Paladin's weaknesses due to her nature of being prepared.
    • Shiro's only known weaknesses are his PTSD and his prosthetic arm can be hacked.
    • Keith's brashness prevents him from observing his surroundings.
    • Hunk's own weight can be his downfall when used against him.
    • Lance is much easier to take down in close-quarters combat.
  • The Sphinx character is a reference to the mythological creature called a sphinx.

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